The Paladin Chronicles Volume I


Night and day; Light and Dark.
One cannot live where the other art.
If the Light shines eternal, Dark will lose,
Banish the Light, and Dark forever rules.


They had called her the Dark Lady for as long as anyone could remember; so long that they had forgotten what her real name had been. No one could recall a time before her existence. She was the most powerful sorceress in history, and her power was growing. Soon she would be unstoppable and the world would be under her control.

According to the ancient prophecy, only one person could stand in her way. After two hundred years of unchallenged power, could the time have finally come for the Light to show itself? Or would the Dark rule forever?




The Paladin Chronicles: Volume One is based on actual events that happened around my kitchen table over the course of many Saturday nights. The story began as a Dungeon & Dragons™ module that I wrote called The Dark Lady. Once the game had played itself out, it was suggested that I turn the tale into a book. All the players agreed to retire their characters with the hopes of seeing them on the printed page in the future.

I have done my best to keep each character’s personality as the players created them, and to keep the events as close to the actual game-play as possible.

The first eight chapters of this book have been completed, with more bursting forth from my little mind everyday. I am hoping to have the first draft completed by the end of 2006, with Volume Two to follow soon after. I can’t really go into what that book is about without ruining Volume One.

If The Paladin Chronicles gains an audience, more volumes will follow. I hope to tell the story of the birth of the prophecy and how the Dark Lady earned her name. I also may devote a book to each character and tell the story of their lives before they became a part of the group born in my kitchen.