Battle For Elvanwynd


Sarah didn’t believe that her twin sister’s crystal ball had the ability to transport her to another world. She didn’t believe in the existence of the Faeryworld or the elves that supposedly lived there. And she certainly didn’t believe that her sister was the elves last hope for survival.

After the unexpected death of her twin, Sarah began to dream of Sandra and the crystal. The dreams were always the same; Sandra begging her sister to accept the crystal and the responsibility for the elves she had promised to help. When she finally took the crystal into her own hands, the dreams of the Faeryworld began…

Were they merely dreams brought on by memories of her sister, or was the crystal the key that unlocked the doorway between the two worlds? Did one human child have the power to save the entire kingdom of Elvanwynd?




Battle for Elvanwynd is completed, and is undergoing the first of what will probably be several edits. I have a hard time putting the pen down and handing my work over to another to publish. If all goes well, someone will eventually stop me from looking it over just one more time…that could take some doing though.

At this time, there are two other books rattling around in my head that will eventually accompany Battle for Elvanwynd. The first will explain how Sarah’s sister, Sandra, came to possess the magical crystal that has the power to unlock the barrier between the Faeryworld and The Land of Unbelievers. The second book will delve into why this barrier was created and how its creation nearly destroyed the world it was supposed to protect.